FABER 101+

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7 x panel  from which you can build at least 101 projects.

You will not run out of ideas, you can build more than you can imagine. You can combine 101 projects with just 7 panels and some connectors. It's hard to believe so why don't you check our photo gallery to see at least some of them? 

This set does include following accessories (climbing boards, whiteboard, inclined plane, balance boards, climbing rope).

Detailed product description .. ↓ .. below.

REMINDER: Don't forget to order screws to secure the W1 connector to the wall. Please make sure to choose appropriate screws for your wall.  

Detailed information

Product detailed description

What can you build out of this set? 

In a short, the list would be quite long. You can build at least 101 projects with Faber 101 set and all other projects from Faber 3, Faber 10, Faber 26 sets

Check our photos for more inspiration.




Below you can see another project - house with the garage. This is a very stable construction ideal for bigger rooms or even for the garden. With this set you can easily entertain three kids. 

We just added 2 x climbing boards, 2 x inclined plane, SL1 inclined plane connector, M1 handle, balance board and whiteboard, which is used as a roof for the garage in this case. 



At the bottom of the page you can find accessories suitable for this set as well as related products.



  • 100% massive beech with FSC certification
  • mortise joints, high tensile strength stainless screws
  • load bearing capacity: 150 kg
  • comply with ČSN EN 71 (Children's toys)
  • the weight of all components: cca 72 kg



  • no specific maintenance  is required
  • all you need is water and damp cloth


In thebox

  • panel (7 pcs)
  • E1 connector (8 pcs)
  • T1 connector (4 pcs)
  • T2 connector (6 pcs)
  • T3 connector (6 pcs)
  • C1 connector (1 pc)
  • F1 connector (4 pcs)
  • W1 connector (6 pcs)
  • H1 brace (1 pc)
  • strenght strap (1 pc)
  • wooden rod with cotters (4 pcs)
  • bolt 50 (12 pcs)
  • nut Faber (10 pcs)
  • bolt 35 (40 pcs)
  • pins (2 pcs)
  • washer (1 pc)
  • key (2 pcs)


  • inclined plane (2 pcs) incl. SL1 connector, handle and inclined plane ending
  • whiteboard Faber (2 pcs)
  • climbing wall (3 pcs) incl. climbing stones
  • balance board Poma (1 pc)
  • balance board Classic (1 pc) 
  • climbing rope (1 pc)

The set does not include screws to secure the W1 connector to the wall. Please make sure to choose appropriate screws for your wall.  


  • 5 years


Faber is a universal climbing frame and each part can be used for any project. Faber 101 set contains all the parts needed to assemble any of the structures shown above. Note that it is usually not possible to build several buildings at the same time from parts available. Do you want to build more projects at the same time? Call us, we will pack the parts according to your needs.



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Category: Sets of building parts
Warranty: lifetime
Weight: 71.795 kg
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A Avatar of author | 12/02/2022
We are more than satisfied with the Faber 101+. Our little one discovers new possibilities every day. We would buy it again at any time.