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ochranné pásky pro houpací prkno
Protective tapes for rocking board
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Self-adhesive protective tapes.  Protects the floor from scratches and other potential...

držák na zeď
Wall mount
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set koleček futu
Wheels - complete set
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extremely strong and silent wheels that leave no marks SPARE PART - NOT A TOY  

HP bez grafiky blanc
Rocking board
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ROCKING BOARDDo not underestimate this piece of wood, you will have a really great time and lot...

futu torso blanc
Horse body
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HORSE BODY FUTU - horse for rocking board In case you already have our rocking board the horse...

2G6A9611 Fotor
rocking horse Futu - nature
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ROCKING HORSE FUTU - 2 in 1 rocking horse and rocking board Choose one of the themes from...



3 in 1 Rock & Bounce horse, rocking-board 

We all know the frequency of children asking for  a new toys with. Here you can kill 3 flies with one stone (just metaphorically as we love nature). With a one single purchase you will get three unique toys at the same time - rocking-horse/board and bouncing horse. This is the only ever Perpetuum mobile that actually exists and works! Its name is Futu, it is made of beech, it brings joy and much more.

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What makes Futu so unique?

Futu combines the three favorite moving toys into a single toy. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. With the speed of light you can change rocking-horse to a bouncing horse or even a rocking-board. This should be fast enough to avoid any potential fight between siblings. Someone said that the most beautiful view of the world is from the horse's saddle, we partially is from Futu's saddle.


Of course, Futu is a perfect gift for the 1st birthday or even for a new-born

Indeed, Futu was created with this idea! The leather saddle will bear the name of the owner and the time capsule will contain the birth certificate of the horse. Keep the treasure for the next generation in the time capsule. The Futu horse is a family heritage.


What Futu looks like?

The frame, or skeleton if you like, is made of beech composite. The hand-stitched leather saddle can bear the jockey's name. Under the saddle is a time capsule with a horse's birth certificate and space for a book to log all rides or to keep messages to future generations. The wooden wheels (bouncing-horse version) are fitted with ball bearings and a rubber tread, making them extremely fast and silent.


Is Futu safe?

We test Futu responsibly on our own children. Properly assembled parts fit perfectly, there is no risk of pinching or even chips. The edges are carefully polished. We use only natural, hygienically safe oil. The product complies with ČSN EN 71 for children's toys.


Is there any age limit?

Futu is love for a lifetime. The child first takes possession of the rocking-board by lining it with a soft cushion and turning it into a cradle. Later, when he/she begins to climb and you turn the board, he/she then conquer his first mountain peak. As soon as they sit down, they see the meaning of life in the exploring the flat on the bouncing-horse. As soon as he/she stands, it is time for a rocking-horse. Then he/she begins to balance on the board and does not stop until the board is cleaned and you put back the soft cushion… C’est la vie. 


Does the toy contain small parts that could be swallowed?

The smallest part is nuts and washers, but a properly assembled toy cannot be dismantled by a child. There is no risk of swallowing or inhaling the part.


Can the child handle the toy's conversion itself?

According to their abilities from about the age of 5 years.


What is Futu's lifetime period?

With reasonable treatment, Futu will last for many generations in good condition. We provide a lifetime warranty for product defects.


How to maintain a horse?

Grooming nor feeding is required. All you need is water and damp cloth.


How is a horse repaired or reconditioned?

Minor scars are smoothen with sandpaper, or when needed, we apply a new coating. If you want a professional treatment for your horse, do not hesitate to contact us. Kepp Futu away from water, with such a damage we can hardly do anything. 


What is the impact of Futu on the environment?

Ecology is our bread and butter as we understand that this no longer "a nice to do" but it is a must. It all starts from the design: we design products with regard to semi-finished products to minimize waste. 99% of the product mass is from renewable sources. The wood comes from FSC-certified forests that are managed in a sustainable way. We plant much more trees than we consume. We also support other planting projects. Our production does not produce harmful substances. We use all waste material for heating in modern ecological boilers. We return the packaging materials back for re-use. Manuals and invoices are delivered only in electronic form. You can have a clear conscience.


Can we see Futu somewhere?

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit our and other showrooms, which are gradually being created all over the Czech Republic. The showroom can be found in Březina near Mladá Boleslav. The exhibition is strictly interactive - sweatpants are required so you can really test it. It would be ideal to combine the visit with a family trip, we have many tips for nice trips and good food nearby. Please let us know about your visit in advance at or 605 049 031.


How is Futu delivered?

We supply the horses assembled, all you need to do is just unpack the box.



 Delivery within 48 hours  Ι  careful packing  Ι  5 years warranty

Buy your Futu in your desired set. The choice is yours.