MANU - furniture

We are happy to introduce you MANU.                                                                                                            

MANU is the fulfilment of how kids room looked like in our dreams. Now the dream becomes reality. Our mission is to dispel the old myths that "... you can't climb on furniture!". And at the same time, children need and love movement so much. Quality furniture could be perfect for this. And so we threw ourselves into it. How cool it is to go to bed via the climbing wall, out of bed via the slide, between the chests of drawers a ladder for handling and a swing on it. One great kid's home workout. The entire playroom will be compatible with our FABER climbing frames and we will be presenting this to you through the beginning of 2024.

Ready? Let's go shopping. Even the smallest room can gradually grow into a workout playground. :-)

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The fabric accessory to the MANU learning tower will allow even smaller children to use it. The...

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Where to store crayons or park cars? The MANU drawer is always ready to help.

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Additional desk for the Manu growing chair

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unique combination of two popular products. The 2-in-1 growing chair and learning tower will...