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FABER kit will grow with your children.


Start anywhere you want and you can gradually upgrade your kit at any time.


Ready? Let's go shopping. Even the smallest kit can gradually grow into the big one. :-)

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The fabric accessory to the MANU learning tower will allow even smaller children to use it. The...

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NEW !!!

Where to store crayons or park cars? The MANU drawer is always ready to help.

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Do you hear that strange sound? It's in the bathtub, hidden under the thick foam, where your...

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3...2...1...go! Take a trip around the world! Drive through the room, around the trees in the...

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Hi, I'm Zoe, the wooden doll with the bewitching eyes. I fit your hand like a glove. And I smell...

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Additional desk for the Manu growing chair

NOR Froggie
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FABER FROGGIE helps to support proper development of your newborn baby. Try to hang chew toy or...

TALO modular house
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With this set of parts you are ready to build at least 6 variants of buildings. The TALO kit is...

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unique combination of two popular products. The 2-in-1 growing chair and learning tower will...

NOR Panther
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Watch how a small bridge or panther grows right in the children's room, on which your children...

NOR Monkey
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FABER MONKEY is the kit including popular accessories - double slide, hanging balance board...

NOR Jungle
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Do you want to have some fun at home? Get the top line of our FABER JUNGLE kit. Turn the...




What makes Faber so unique?

Faber is new definition for flexibility. It offers a huge number of combinations and grows with your children. Ready for a new adventure? Just buy some new parts and you are ready to go. You start with a small triangle and a slide so your child can experience the very fist ride in his life and as time goes on you will end up with climbing board to get ready for challenges in life.  Then, for a few years, you will hide the Faber climbing frame and wait until your children 's children start to look after it. Or maybe you will not hide it at you have a better idea what to do with free evening? We know that :-) 

 How many different projects can be built? 

You can build countless different structures from Faber parts. From each kit, you can build at least as many structures as listed in the kit product. FROGGIE 1 structure, PANTHER 3 structures, MONKEY 7 structures, JUNGLE 14 structures. The number of structures increases exponentially with each additional part or accessory purchased. It just depends on the number of parts taken and your imagination. Sky is the limit. 

 How to get the right parts?

If you are a beginner, we recommend buying one of the predefined building kits. We combined them in a way when you get all parts needed to build a specific structure. When you look around, you can buy anything at any time, and thus expand the number of structures.

You can also add various accessories or parts and purchase them separately, which will take your Faber to another level. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of parts. Feel free to get in touch.

 How to start?

We would suggest to start with a predefined building kit. When you get your head arounf and the little one will start to be more demanding, you can buy more extensions, individual parts or accessories. Everything is compatible. You don't have to rush at the beginning, you won't miss anything. Take your time.

 Where can Faber be placed?

Wherever the children are. Do they have a small room? It fits there as well.  You adapt the selection of structure to your apartment. You can attach or hang a number of structures on the wall and quickly take them down or store them when not in use. 

In sunny and dry day, you can take your structure outside as well.

 What is Faber made of?

Made of massive beech and beech composite. Everything is designed to every detail to make sure we do not compromise on functionality, strength, safety and design. 

 Is it safe?

We beliee there is no better assurance than the fact that we test our climbing frames on our own kids.  If this is not enough, all our products complies with the strict European standard EN 71 for children's toys. The individual parts are very strong and can carry even the adult person. The load-bearing capacity of a particular construction may, of course, be lower. Do not leave children unattended! Check that they are not playing on a suspended bridge supported by a sewing machine or a pile of books. We do not recommend diving towers and launching ramps. The actual project, however, must have an adequate statics, the parts must be properly assembled and firmly connected. We understand that your child will fall into construction euphoria, but the Site supervisor is your role. 

 What is the recommended age for climbing frames?

Whether or not to let a three- or five-year-old child play on the climbing frame depends on the complexity of the structure and the motor skills of the child.

 Does it contain small parts that could be swallowed?

No, if your baby is not willing to consume (our smallest) 5 × 5 × 3.5 cm washer. In case of any doubts, before you let your child play, make sure he/she has been properly fed. An exception may be the purchase of Faber pins, which is safe only when fitted into the corresponding holes in the T1, T2, T3 and E1 connectors. Don't let your child to play with these individual parts.  

 Can child assemble the climbing frame on his own?

The basic elements are quite robust and big. Preschool children can handle them. Once again, always make sure you check that the structure has been properly assembled eben when one part has been replaced or changed.

 What is the life span of Faber climbing frames?

We don't really know. But given the experience we have, we are confident to say that Faber projects will last for at least another century. We provide an unlimited warranty for production defects.

 What about maintenance?

In case of common dirt please clean with a damp cloth and water (no chemicals). In the event of greater soiling, the parts can be lightly sanded with sandpaper with a grain size of 400 and finer. 

 Do you provide repairs and refurbishment?

Yes. Mechanical damage is unlikely to appear. If you want to renovate the product and give it a new shine, do not hesitate to contact us. 

 What is the impact of Faber on environment?

Ecology is our bread and butter as we understand that this is no longer "a nice to do" but it is a must. It all starts from the design: we design products with regard to semi-finished products to minimize waste. 99% of the product mass is from renewable sources. The wood comes from FSC-certified forests that are managed in a sustainable way. We plant much more trees than we consume. We also support other planting projects. Our production does not produce harmful substances. We use all waste material for heating in modern ecological boilers. We return the packaging materials back for re-use. Manuals and invoices are delivered only in electronic form. You can have a clear conscience. 

 Can we see and try climbing frames somewhere?

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit our showroom. The showroom can be found in Flaxweiler. Please let us know about your visit in advance at or +352 691 761 510.

How is Faber delivered?

We supply the sets as a flat package. In case you will take it from the showroom, please be assured that no package will weight more than 15 kg and you will easily fit the package in the car.

 Any other question? 

Please get in touch with us, see our contacts section.