10 (-1) reasons why to buy our products


Toy certificates

Everything we do, we do for children. Safety comes first. Each product meets the strictest EU standards for children's toys.

Legacy guarantee

Toys as a Family Heritage?

Why not? Our toys are designed to last for several generations.

For how long? It is up to you and the care you give them. 

Reshine - prolong life to things we like

We know the secret how to keep your family treasure alive for much longer.

With our RESHINE service the old toy will shine more than ever before.

Repair, maintenance and refurbishment are always handled individually. 

Customer service

We do not have mass production, nor do we send hundreds of orders every day.

Each order is a bit different and carries with it its original story.

So we really have a time to take a good care of the customer. 

Burning name on demand

Be original, have your own original toy!

All you have to do is to put the name of the horse in the note when ordering Futu horse. 

Originality and functionality 

Everything we do is from our hearts....but we use our brains as well. :-)

We are the creators of ideas and designs.

We go simply from idea to functional product. It is a long journey, but the result is worth it.

We try to get the most out of each product.

Climbing frames Faber or Futu horse are clear proof of this.


We do not belong to the cheapest toys category.

Why? Simply because our toys are made forever. One day our toy become part of your family and believe us, it is impossible to get rid of it :-)

It all starts with the material selection.

Hard beech wood is always our choice for any product we do.

We only choose fasteners for structural constructions. Again, the best in the market.

Structural joints are made to one tenth of a millimeter accuracy.

Finishing is a very lengthy process.

We sand the surface at least three times and each time with a different technology.

The whole production is done by enthusiastic carpenters with the heart in the right place.


We do not use any harmful substance.

In the expedition we try to minimize use of duck tapes and and plastic.

We do not print invoices and instructions but we send them electronically.

Buy our products directly from the Manufacturer

This shop takes products directly from our Czech production.

In the Czech Republic we build several mini partner showrooms, where you can touch and feel and also order the product.

The order is always sent from us in order to have overall control of the process.

We want to maintain exclusivity, quality and good customer service.